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By T. N. (Snertinge, Danmark) on 28 Jan 2024 :

Product rated : The mushroom chastity device Et super godt bur. Vil...

By T. T. (Skanderborg, Danmark) on 02 May 2023 :

Product rated : The mushroom chastity device Fik den i dag og brugte det...

By J. G. (Holstebro , Denmark) on 17 Sep 2021 :

Product rated : Chaste Bird - The nub - Pink This is an awesome tiny cage
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We are happy to send orders world wide. Transport time depends on the destination. Orders within the EU should arrive within 10 days depending on local custom clearence. When ordering from Kink-Shop you are able to choose between GLS or national Post Service. When ordering you are able to choose between letter shipment (only awalible on some small products) or parcel. All parcels will be shipped with a Track & Trace number so you will allways be able to follow your parcel.

For shipment options and custom clearence please see table below. 



Neutral delivery

When ordering from we always ensures that orders are packed properly to avoid damages doing transport. All parcels is packed in neutral cardboard boxes with absolutely no references to

Sender name is “BSRShop,Denmark”.

Import tax

Important information for residents inside the EU region

Kink-Shop is located within the EU. This means that all prices shown on the site will be including 25% WAT (by Danish law). When ordering your parcel will not have to clear customs and will arrive just as a domestic parcel. 


Important information for residents outside the EU region (like Norway, USA and so on)

As deafult all prices are shown including 25% WAT. If you are resident outside of the EU region you won't have to pay Danish WAT  but your order might be subjected to local Import Tax, depending on your local laws. When finalizing your order you will see the prices be deducted with 25% since you don't have to pay WAT in Denmark. 

To view prices without 25% WAT please create an acount and you will be able to see the correct prices. If you do not wish to create an acount simply use a calculator and use this formula: Price * 0.80 wich will give you the price without WAT. 

We will ensure to make all the paperwork for your local custom authorities to ensure that you get your parcel as quick as possible. 

If you have any questions regarding delivery, ordering or products please don’t hesitate to contact us. For contact please use this link.

CountryGLSNational Post
(Post Nordic)
Needs to pass
custom clearance
Austria Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Belgium Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Bulgaria Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Canada No Yes (1) Yes, outside EU
Croatia Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Denmark Yes (3) Yes (3) No (EU)
Estonia Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
No Yes (2) Yes, outside EU
Finland Yes (1) Yes (2) No (EU)
France Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Germany Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Greece No Yes (1) No (EU)
Greenland No Yes (2) Yes
Hungary Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Ireland Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Island No Yes (1) Yes, outside EU
Italy Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Latvia Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Lithuania Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Luxembourg Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Netherlands Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Norway No Yes (2) Yes, outside EU
Poland Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Portugal Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Romania Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Slovakia Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Slovenia Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
Spain No Yes (1) No (EU)
Sweden Yes (4) Yes (2) No (EU)
Switzerland Yes (1) Yes (1) Yes, outside EU
UK Yes (1) Yes (1) No (EU)
USA No Yes (1) Yes, outside EU

If you are not able to find your country in the list above it simply means that we are unaware of the delivery methods for your country. We are still able to ship to your country but it will be with our national postal service and the company they choose to use at your destination. 

Please be aware that the above might be changed localy and that Kink-Shop is not reponsible for any changes in delivery options etc.

(1) - Delivery to your home adress

(2) - Delivery to a parcel shop

(3) - Delivery to a parcelshop or your home adress

(4) - If your adress is a buisness adress delivery will be made to the door. If your adress is residential delivery will be made to a parcel shop.