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Product rated : The mushroom chastity device Et super godt bur. Vil...

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Product rated : The mushroom chastity device Fik den i dag og brugte det...

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Product rated : Chaste Bird - The nub - Pink This is an awesome tiny cage
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Your first chastity device

Are you shopping for your first chastity belt and are you confused about the many options and dimensions to choose between? Don’t worry, we have put together this mini guide which will hopefully help you make the right choice and make your.


How much should I spend?

A chastity belt costs around 100 – 125€ (120 – 180 USD)! This might seem as a lot of money, and basically it is, but when you think about it, how much money did you spend the last time you had a night out? How much did you spend on your latest trousers? What did you spend on Christmas gifts etc?

Anyway 100 € is 100 € no matter how you look at it, but hopefully you have brought a piece of hardware that you will be happy with and you will keep form many years, and that will give you a lot more pleasure (or frustrations) than your trousers.


Chastity types

If you are willing to pay what a descent chastity device will cost, continue to look into the market of chastity devices. In general terms, there are three types of chastity devices.


Chastity types

Chastity types



1. The Belt

The belt is composed of a pipe to the penis, and a shape of a pair of boxer shorts, that is! It is still possible to go to the toilet but rather hard to maintain basic hygiene since everything is tugged away. Based on the experience of others, it is necessary that this cage is removed often to avoid irritation of the skin but also to be washed properly.

The belt can be purchased as "one size fits them all" but when it comes to it, most of the one size fits them all doesn’t fit anybody. If you are interested in this type of belt you should have it made special for you and for that very reason we don’t sell belts on Kink-Shop. We have heard a lot of good things about a shop called NeoSteel who produce belts and adapt to each customer. When we are talking custom made belt the price goes up (go figure) and from what we heard you should expect a price to be around 375€ (675 USD). 


2. The tube or cock cage chastity device

A tube chastity device is the most common and most used as a male chastity device. The cage consist of a ring that goes around the balls and cock and hold the cage in place. Next, you insert the cock into the tube and insert a locking pin, and the cage is fitted. Tube chastity devices comes in many different designs (and many different qualities). With most tube devices hygiene can be maintained over a longer period, peeing is no challenge (although you better sit down like a girl) and it is still possible to exercise sports and other activities.  


3. Prince-Albert type

If you have a Prince Albert piercing you have the opportunity to buy a cage that is specifically made for men with Prince Albert piercing. The cage is similar to the chastity tube device but without the backring going  around the balls. At the moment only have the knowledge of CB's PA-5000 which is specially designed for a Prince Albert piercing.


Conclusion of the 3 different types

If this is your first chastity device our absolute recommendation is that you buy type 2, the cock cage/tube device. It will have the smallest impact on your body and your daily life, hygiene is easy to maintain and there is a much larger market for you to choose between. 

If we closer look at type number 2, the tube design, we assume that there are well over 100 models on the market, some better than others. First, make up your mind regarding witch material would like to buy. Cages are available in steel, polycarbonate, silicone and possible many others.

Our recommendation is that you choose a cage of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a hard plastic, it is extremely durable and is tested as very allergenic friendly. Cages of polycarbonate is also incredibly light weight, which is a great advantage in the everyday.

Why we didn’t take recommend the a cage of steel, well more than one reason, first of all we assume that this is your first chastity device and a steel cage has a much higher weight than polycarbonate, and its more sensitive to weather changes (getting cold/hot).

Silicone devices can be great as a beginner device but at the moment its only Bon4 who makes devices using silicone and there is only two different sizes to choose from.

If you agree with our observations you will now be very interested in cages made of polycarbonate. As mentioned earlier there are different manufactures of these cages but in our point of view there is only one company who makes a quality that will last for many years. The company is A.L. Enterprises and their precuts are named CB-X (CB-3000, CB-6000 and so on). We try to have all of the CB products on our shelf’s.  

Next for you is to find the right size for your needs. We have made a diagram showing the different sizes that we sell.

As you can see from the table below, there are many different measures, as a first time buyer you have to pay special attention to the C and E measures, rest of the measures aren’t that important to begin with.  When you measure yourself, it is important to measure your cock in absolute relaxed state.  


Chastity measures

The drawings above is ONLY a size illustration

Don’t be surprised if your measures only fist barely. A proper measured chastity belt should be a little tight. The feeling when wearing it should be like a firm hand closed around your shaft when your cock is relaxed.


A little anecdote from our first time with a CB-6000 cage.

I had used "The Curve" for some years and it seemed like it fitted quite reasonable, but Miss persuaded me or rather commanded to buy a CB-6000 cage. And when Miss orders me to do something, I do it. But our disappointment was great when it arrived. We looked at the small plastic cage and concluded both that the cage would NEVER fit me, I was simply to large for the cage.

Nevertheless we decided to give it a try, and with a little fiddling a lot of lube and some cold water the cage finally came into place. It was a completely different feeling than to carry The Curve. I thought that The Curve was fantastic but, but when the CB-6000 finally came on I was in heaven, the feeling was so much better and the fit was perfect once it was in place. And it also solved some of my problems wearing a chastity device, for example I have had a lot of problems with morning erections being quite painfull, but due to the better fit the morning erections started to go away (after some time of course) so I could still get a full night of sleep.

What we are trying to say is that even if your new purchases on arrival seems a little small, give it a little time and it might actually fit very well.  


End comments

We are coming to an end with our mini guide for selecting a chastity device and we hope that we have helped you selecting a chastity device.

Remember that we are here at Kink-Shop have several years of experience with chastity and we are open to receive questions – of course our offer is also for non-customers, send us a mail if we can help you.