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By T. N. (Snertinge, Danmark) on 28 Jan 2024 :

Product rated : The mushroom chastity device Et super godt bur. Vil...

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Product rated : The mushroom chastity device Fik den i dag og brugte det...

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Product rated : Chaste Bird - The nub - Pink This is an awesome tiny cage
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Finding the right chastity belt size can be a rather difficult task. In order to find the chastity belt that fits best, it requires you to measure your cock the right way.

Below we have made a small guide you can follow to get the right measures. 

To find the best possible match, use 3 different measures, A: length of your dick, B: circumference of your dick and C: circumference of dick and balls. Below is guide to do it in the right way.

All measures must be done while the penis is completely flaccid, be aware that just the thought of measuring can give a small erection. Therefore, we recommend that you try to measure it multiple times in one day, so you can see if the measures are the same every time.

If you have questions, you are very welcome to contact us. We have many years of experience and we would really like to help to the extent we can.

Measuring guide

Here you will see a sample of where and how to measure the dot. Note that the picture is merely an illustration and unfortunately it has not been possible to find a useful illustration where the dick is flaccid.


A - Length of the dick

Measure A must be taken from the skin of the stomach up to the end of the penis head. This measure is most easily done by using a ruler or similar to measure. Keep in mind that most rulers have 5-10 mm. blank area before the numbers starts.

Most people should choose a chastity belt that is min. 1. cm. shorter than it measured, since the cock is very flexible.


B – Circumference of the dick

Measure B must be taken around the shaft, it must be taken somewhere between the stomach and the cock head. Measure B is best taken using measuring tape. Please note that it is not abnormal that you are a few millimeters larger than the cage you need. This is partly due to the fact that the cock will have a minor erection by being measured.


C - Circumference of cock and balls

Measure C must be taken close to the stomach and must be measured all the way around the cock and behind the scrotum. Measure C is best either by using measuring tape or a piece of string, cord or similar and then measuring the length. When measure C, you may want to pull a little, it's an area that often has a lot of loose skin. The ring that has to hold the chastity belt must sit a little tight, not so tight that it closes for the bloodstream but not so loosely that it slides back and forth.