Jail lock


Beautifully designed chastity cage with super good airflow to protect the skin

Ball sack ring circumference

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Jail lock chastity cage for men. Made so it provides maximum security while good still gives great comfort. Jail lock allows the Keyholderen to make tease and denial due to its many openings along the sides and top of the cage.

Included with this chastity device is one padlock and 3 keys. Backring can be chosen in 3 different sizes, please notice that only 1 backring is included.

This cage is made of metal and will therefore include nickel to a greater or lesser extent. On arrival at Kink-Shop's cage tested and found small deposits of nickel, as expected. If you have or have been allergic to nickel, this chastity belt is not recommended and instead we recommend that you buy one of the many products CB.
At the same time, we recommend that this product be used with caution and if you had to have allergic reactions immediately stop the use of chastity belt.


Data sheet

Length (incl. back ring)
9,00 cm. / 3.54 inch
Penis tube circumference
11 cm
Penis tube diameter
3,50 cm
Ball sack ring circumference
12,56 cm / 14,13 cm / 15,70 cm
Ball sack circumference
4,00 cm / 4,50 cm / 5,00 cm
Metal (stål)
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