The little monster


The little monster chastity device.

Select between three diffrent sizes of backrings.

Delivered with internal locking system and optinal internal spikes. 

Ball sack ring circumference

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The little monster is a genius work of art. Compared to other similar chastity devices the little monster has an opening in the front of the cage. The opening is of course secured with an internal lock so it can only be opened with a key. When opened it will be possible to attend to personal hygiene of the male.

The little monster is intended for males with very small penises as it only has a total length of 35 mm. from backring to end of cage. 

Included in this set you will receive a pair of spikes that can be attached to the internal rings. Any contact with these spikes and the chaste male will feel an instant pain and hopefully think twice before trying to get an erection. 

Please notice that the points of the spikes are very sharp and all uses is at your own risk. 

The little monster has an internal diameter of 35 mm. and total length of 35 mm.

The little monster has a built-in locking system and for this reason we are not able to provide you with spare keys to the lock.  

This cage is made of steel and will therefore include nickel to a greater or lesser extent. On arrival at Kink-Shop's cage tested and found small deposits of nickel, as expected. If you have or have been allergic to nickel, this chastity belt is not recommended and instead we recommend that you buy one of the many products CB.
At the same time, we recommend that this product be used with caution and if you had to have allergic reactions immediately stop the use of chastity belt.


Data sheet

Length (incl. back ring)
3,50 cm.
Penis tube circumference
10,96 cm
Penis tube diameter
3,50 cm
Ball sack ring circumference
12,56 cm / 14,13 cm / 15,70 cm
Ball sack circumference
4,00 cm / 4,50 cm / 5,00 cm
Metal (stål)

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