Female Chastity

  • Chastity belt for females
  • Soft alominiums core covered with soft silicone . 
  • Adjustable waist and bottom. Extremely flexible and will form after the weaers anatomy within short time of use.

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We are happy to finally be able to offer our customers the opportunity to buy a real chastity belt for women. Market for chastity belts are mainly dominated by products for men and therefore we have had to look far for a proper product to offer our female customers.

The chastity belt consists of two cores, the inner being alominium which is then coated with a soft silicone edge.
Alominiummen has the advantage that it is soft and weighs much less than other metals. The softness makes very ajustable and flexible. The inner core of alominium is composed of several parts that are locked together with nuts and bolts. Each nut is provided with lockbolts and can only be dismantled when there is a screwdriver on the opposite side. So its not possible to "cheat" and discard belt ad while it's locked.

Generally it should be mentioned that the chastity belt is highly adjustable to size, both around the waist and the part that hides the genitals.

Waist: Between 50 and 145 cm.
Pelvic (from stomach to back): Between 53 and 65 cm.
It is possible to install one or two plugs inside the belt. 1 anal plug and 1 vagina plug* or it is possible to use both plugs simultaneously. The belt can also be used without any plugs which of course is to be preferred over longer periods of time.
* To vagina recommended a plug rather than a dildo form. This is to avoid indfektioner in the vagina.

Included with the purchase of this chastity belt:

  • 1 chastity belt incl. lock and keys
  • 2 plugs steel
  • Extra nuts and bolts
  • Interchangeable parts for attaching 1 or 2 plugs
  • Note: Tools like screwdriver and wrench are NOT included

Adaptation of the chastity belt:
A chastity belt for a woman requires a lot of preparation so you should expect to spend the first while to put together exactly the right size of the belt.

To avoid shipping damage this belt is send in two seperated pieces. To reassemble it again you will need a small screwdriver and a small wrench. Nuts and Bolts separated by holding the bolt with a wrench and then screw the nut loose with a screwdriver.

First measure to be found is around the waist, just above the hip. It's hip that has to hold the belt and ensure that it can not be pulled down. When the correct size has found the exccess black silicone has to be cut to fit the length. We recomend that you use a long sharp knife so you get a completely clean cut. We also recommend that you leave a piece of silicone to overlap where the lock sitting as it does not feel as comfortable directly on the stomach.

Once the belt has the correct size around the waist, the size of the base has to be adapted. Use the same procedure as above. Please note that the bottom is adjustable both on the front and back and its important that its placed correct on the body.


Since the chastity belt is both an intimate product and adapted to the people who wears it returns are not accepted on this product. This is acording with Danish and EU laws.


Data sheet

Black / steel
50 to 145 cm.

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