Chaste Bird - Nano - Pink


The nub for the grower and the extra small penises. Ergonomic chastitybelt with 4 backrings and integrated locking system. Beautiful design with 4 clear back rings, cock cage and a integrated locking system.


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Chastitybelt constisting of 1 cockcage, 4 backrings and a integrated locking system with two keys.   

The chastitybelt is very ergonomic due to the design of the backrings, the fit on the body is perfect. Comapared to the CB-X series this chastitybelt has few airholes and the holes tends to be a bit sharp on the edges, this can be fixed with a nail file or something similar. 

Normaly we describe backrings by diameter but due to the fact that theese rings are ovale and not round we have decided to put measures on the wideste point and from top to bottom. 


  • Backring 1: 4,60 cm. / 3,50 cm. (Widest / top bottom)
  • Backring 2: 4,70 cm. / 3,80 cm. (Widest / top bottom)
  • Backring 3: 5,10 cm. / 4,40 cm. (Widest / top bottom)
  • Backring 4: 5,60 cm. / 4,80 cm. (Widest / top bottom)

 The chastitybelt is made of hard plastic but feels like an excelent quality. 

Buying this set you wll get: 

  • 1 cock tupe
  • 4 backrings 
  • 1 integrated lock with two keys

If this is not the right size for you we also sell Chaste Bird in 3 other size variations; Small, Standard and Maxi and the "littlebrother" The Nub.


Data sheet

Length (incl. back ring)
8,2 cm.
Penis tube circumference
10,05 cm
Penis tube diameter
3,20 cm
Ball sack ring circumference
See description text
Ball sack circumference
See description text

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